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Persian Wear

As a tourist who may stay in Iran for a couple of weeks, learning the names of clothes in Persian may seem unnecessary and even fruitless. However, it can happen that you lose your luggage at the airport or understand that you do not have proper clothes with you, which means you have to buy some in Iran. Then, this part can help you to go shopping. It is easier to buy a piece of clothing when you know its name. Reading the following tips can also help you understand the environment, culture and dress code in Iran and Afghanistan.

In Iranian Persian (Farsi), some of the related words to fashion and clothing have been borrowed from English or French. You only need to learn their Persian pronunciation if you are familiar with these two languages.

Here are some examples:

⦁ t-shirt → tišert
⦁ jacket → žâkat
⦁ boot → but
⦁ coat → kot
⦁ chemisier → šomiz
⦁ blouse → boluz
⦁ manteau → mânto
⦁ shorts → šort

(The last two words in this list, have different function, though)

Hijab in Persian Countries: Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan

In Iran, hijab is obligatory, but we do not mean burqa or veil when we talk about hijab. In Afghanistan, wearing burqa is not obligatory everywhere and for everyone. Iranian women have to wear a long shirt with long sleeves in public. This is what we call “mânto” in Iran. You need to cover your hair with a shawl, too. In the following picture, you can see what Iranian women usually wear in their daily life.

Be careful!

While you are talking about clothes in Persian “shorts” and “šort” are false friends. You need to be careful while using this word in Farsi, since “šort” means boxers or panties for Iranians. For saying “shorts” as short pants, you need to use “šalvârak” which you can’t wear in public no matter whether you are a man or a woman.

Finally, check where and when you are planning to travel in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Some parts of these countries can be very cold while other parts are really warm. Moreover, in some cities people are more conservative than other parts of these countries. So, you need to check all these before packing.

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hijab in Iran - Clothing in Persian

Clothing Vocabulary in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
clothe lebâs لِباس
t-shirt tišert تی شِرت
dress pirâhan پیراهَن
shirt pirâhan پیراهَن
trousers šalvâr شَلوار
jeans jin جین
socks jurâb جوراب
shorts šalvarak شَلوارَک
underwear lebâs-e zir لِباس ِ زیر
scarf rusari روسَری
shoes kafš کَفش
blouse boluz بُلوز
over coat pâlto پالتو
rain coat bârâni بارانی
hat kolâh کُلاه
scarf šâl شال
jacket žâkat ژاکت
coat kot کُت
pullover poliver پلیور
gloves dastkeš دستکش
pantyhose jurâb šalvâri جوراب شلواری
costume kot-o šalvâr کُت و شَلوار
belt kamarband کَمَربَند
tie kerâvât کراوات
bag kif کیف
wallet kif-e pul کیفِ پول
purse kif-e dasti کیفِ دَستی
backpack kule(h) pošti کوله پُشتی
high heels kafš-e pâšne(h) boland کَفشِ پاشنه بُلَند
loafer kafš-e râhati کفش راحتی
sport shoes kafš-e varzeši کَفشِ وَرزِشی
walking shoes kafš-e piyâde(h)-ravi کَفشِ پیاده رَوی
sneakers katuni کَتونی