Farsi Expressions or Persian Expressions

In this part you can find hundreds of frequent expressions and phrases that Persian speakers use in their daily talk (farsi expressions). The selection is based on what you may require from the first day of your arrival in Iran (or other Persian speaking countries). The farsi expressions are categorized in 10 groups, so that you can easily find how to say what you intend to.
It is important to mention that in Farsi, like other languages, there are different ways of saying the same thing. In this part, our attempt is to introduce you the simplest way of speaking that can lead you to communicate with Farsi Speakers. Therefore, all the phrases and expressions here are in SPOKEN INFORMAL FARSI. To learn more about the differences between written and spoken Farsi, Grammar and sentence structure, you can refer to our course books in near future.
In each section, you will find the phrases written in Farsi, transcribed based on this website transcribing standards , English translation, and pronunciation in audio. The sections are not organized according to difficulty level, so there is no starting point. Feel free to learn them in any way which works for you.
01 talking to people - Farsi Expressions
11 services in farsi - Farsi Expressions
02 cummuting - Farsi Expressions
09 nature - Farsi Expressions
03. staying somewhere - Farsi Expressions
08 health - Farsi Expressions
04 shopping - Farsi Expressions
09 Restaurant - Farsi Expressions
05 entertainment - Farsi Expressions
10 refrences.ai  - Farsi Expressions

Finally, in case we had forgotten any useful phrase, please leave a comment in the relevant section to remind us. We will be thankful for any comment that can help us to improve our understandings of Farsi learners’ needs. We are looking forward to hear from our web users. So, don’t hesitate to write to us. Now:

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