A Ruba’i of Omar Xayyâm

Here we have a Ruba’i (robâ’i) by Iranian Poet Omar Khayyam (Omar Xayyâm) who has a unique worldview.

Ruba’i No. 43 by Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam1 - A Ruba'i of Omar Xayyâm (1)

مَن هیچ نَدانَم که مَرا آنکه سِرِشت

man hič nadânam ke(h) marâ ânke(h) serešt

مَن = I
هیچ = nothing
نَدانَم = not know
که = that

مَرا = short form of man râ/ me
آنکه = who
سِرِشت = to create

اَز اَهلِ بِهِشت کَرد یا دوزَخِ زِشت

az ahl-e behešt kard yâ duzax-e zešt

اَز = from
اهلِ = member of
بِهِشت = paradise
کَرد = made

یا = or
دوزَخ = hell
زِشت = ugly

جامی و بُتی و بَربَطی بَر لَبِ کِشت

jâmi-o boti-o barbati bar lab-e kešt

جامی = a wine glass
بُتی = (a pretty beloved (whom you can worship
بَربَطی = a musical instrument like Arabic ‘oud

بَر = on
لّب = edge of
کِشت = magnificent farm

این هَر سه مَرا نَقد و تو را نَسیه بِهِشت

in har se(h) marâ naqd-o to râ nasiye(h) behešt

این = this (here means these)
هَر سه = every three ones
مَرا = short form of man râ/ to me

تو را = to you
نَسیه = by credit which means it is something you have to wait for
بِهِشت = paradise

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQxN9qOYHQPM8quVj700gy2otUuyTdunaWog&usqp=CAU - A Ruba'i of Omar Xayyâm (1)

Now try to read Khayyam’s Roba’i

مَن هیچ نَدانَم که مَرا آنکه سِرِشت
اَز اَهلِ بِهِشت کَرد یا دوزَخِ زِشت

جامی و بُطی و بَربَطی بَر لَبِ کِشت
این هَرسه مَرا نَقد و تو را نَسیه بِهِشت

Roba’i no 43

Easy Translation:

I don’t know that the one who created me;
made my destiny to go to heaven or to ugly hell;

a glass of wine, a pretty girl, a musical instrument by the side of a nice perspective;
all these three that are in cash are mine and heaven which is a credit is yours;


Khayyam’s roba’i

Translated by: Edward Heron-Allen

I know not whether he who fashioned me appointed me;
to dwell in heaven or in dreadful hell;

but some food, and an adored one, and wine, upon the green bank of a field;
all these three are cash to me: thine be the credit-heaven!;


Same Roba’i

Translated by: Edward FitzGerald

I don’t know he who molded me from ash;
Heaven’s Lush made my lot or Hades Lash;

The lawn, the lute, the loved, and the mulled bash;
For credit Heaven yours, these mine in cash;


Omar Khayyam’s roba’i no.43

Performed by: Homayoun Shajarian and Sohrab Pournazeri
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