Weather in Farsi

In many countries, people talk about weather as an opening for their conversations. You can follow the same routine in Iran since climate is not a controversial topic and keeps you in the safe side. However, Iranians in their Farsi small talks prefer to talk about more serious topics even when they are in a taxi or bus, such as climate change, pollution, social problems, and economy. Don’t get surprised but we are not used to starting our day by saying “what a lovely weather”, unless it rains or snows which happens rarely in most parts of Iran.

weather - Weather in Farsi

Seasons in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi
spring bahâr بهار
summer tâbestân تابِستان
autumn payiz پاییز
winter zemestân زِمِستان
seasons fasl-hâ فَصل ها

Weather Vocabulary in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi
weather ab-o havâ آب و هَوا
weather climate vaz’-e havâ وًضعِ هَوا
weather report gozâreš-e havâ گُزارِشِ هَوا
cold sard سَرد
cool xonak خُنَک
warm garm گَرم
hot dâq داغ
rainy bâruni بارونی
cloudy abri ابری
sunny âftâbi آفتابی
windy bâdi بادی
stormy tufâni طوفانی
thunder ra’d-o-barq رَعد و بَرق
flood seyl سِیل

Weather Phrases in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
how is the weather tomorrow? fardâ hâvâ četore(h)? فردا هَوا چِطوره؟
tomorrow is sunny fardâ âftâbi-ye(h) فَردا هَوا آفتابیه
how many degrees is today? emruz havâ čand daraje ast? اِمروز هَوا چَند دَرَجه اَست؟
check the weather before leaving qal-e raftan havâ ro ček kon قَبلِ رَفتَن هَوا رو چِک کُن

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