Why farsimonde is the best choice for learning Farsi..?

The FarsiMonde group consists of two parts: enthusiastic teachers, and culture lovers who help produce content.

All FarsiMonde experienced teachers are native Iranians living in Iran and are interested in the Iranian

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society and the culture of different regions because of

their anthropological concerns. For this reason, they are aware of the strong and weak points of multi-colored Iranian culture and are truly close to the Persian culture and literature. FarsiMonde is composed of teachers interested in Persian language who have dedicated their lives to trying to discover new and effective methods for teaching Farsi and introducing this region’s literature and culture to the people of the world.

Iranian scholars and linguists always try to reach new methods for teaching Farsi, but perhaps due to limited cultural exchange, few facilities and texts have so far been produced for teaching Farsi to foreign nationals.

Knowing this issue and the existing educational weaknesses, FarsiMonde teachers use scientific a and comparative approaches and methods to help students learn Farsi. In FarsiMonde , our most important effort is to pay attention to individuality, i.e. to align the lessons with the personal goals and interests of individuals so that we can make learning Farsi as simple and attractive as possible for language learners.

In addition to teachers, expert groups in various fields also work with FarsiMonde to introduce Iranian cultural, anthropological, literary, artistic and tourist attractions to FarsiMonde audiences. According to the FarsiMonde team, language teaching is not possible without introducing Persian culture and life style. For this reason, all members of this group have been carefully selected to use their expertise in various fields.

All content produced in different sections of FarsiMonde website has been prepared by the members of this team to meet the needs of language learners to learn Farsi and get acquainted with Farsi speaking regions. Therefore, FarsiMonde Group has the ability to work with language learners and answer their questions in various fields.

Our Goal

Before designing this platform, teaching Farsi was all but a job for us. photo 2017 08 09 00 21 33 - Why FarsiMonde?

After sometime we met with students who were interested in learning more about Iranian people and their history culture, oriental philosophy and poetry.

We also met with Iranians who were born and raised overseas and who were looking for a way to connect with their roots. During our career, we realized the shortcomings and limitations of educational resources and devised new methods of teaching Farsi to facilitate learning and cultural exchange.

We learned at the beginning of this journey that we alone would not be able to introduce Persian language and culture to those who are interested and we need to study countries where Persian dialects are spoken. We thus decided to also include these areas in teaching language, culture, literature, art and tourism.

If you have just started learning Persian or are about to do so, do not worry. Our members, like you, are at the beginning of the journey to discover the capabilities of this region and will always be by your side. We hope our website will be a good place for learning Farsi and cultural exchange, and a bridge for communication between Iran and neighboring countries.

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