Buying Clothes in Iran

buying clothes in iran - Buying Clothes

Clothes shopping for many people is a hobby. For many others who hate shopping is something they only do when they are in need. No matter which group you belong to, buying clothes is most probably the last thing you may like to do in Iran because clothes are usually expensive in Iran and there is not much difference in design and colors from what you can find in many other countries. If you are looking for traditional colorful clothes, you have to go to souvenir shops. After all, in case you need to buy clothes in Iran, seek help in this part to find some useful clothes shopping phrases. To learn the name of each piece of clothes you can refer to clothing, but to learn some facts about buying clothes in Iran, you’d better finish reading this part.

A Few Tips about buying clothes in Iran

– In Iran, wearing hijab is obligatory for women. Moreover, men cannot wear shorts or sleeveless tops in public. What most of non-Iranians have in mind as hijab is a black long veil which is true in some cases; however, many women in Iran wear a kind of long shirt which is called “mânto” and a “rusari” or “šâl”, scarf, on head. If you are interested in wearing shawl or scarf around your neck you are in a heaven for buying them. There is verity of colors and fabrics ranging from black to white and synthesis to silk. You can wear them as hijab in Iran and change the usage when you are out of this country.

– In Iran, sizes of clothes are based on European scale. So, knowing your European size can make shopping easier in Iran although sometimes Iranian sizes are not fix and you need to try on everything before shopping.

– One of the most important things to remember is that in Iran, clothes and shoes are not usually refundable especially in small shops. It is sometimes possible to change the size or color but not to get your money back. So before paying, ask the shop keeper if he has refund policy.

– If you are a resident in Iran, we have a good suggestion for you. Find a tailor and order him or her whatever you need. Tailors are usually skilled and not super expensive. In this way you can support small businesses, have clothes which fit you very well and improve your designing skill. You may need to learn about colors and fabrics. If so, refer to colors.

Clothes Vocabulary in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
sleeve âstin آستین
collar yaqe(h) یَقه
pocket jib جیب
long boland بُلَند
short kutâh کوتاه
small kučak کوچَک
big bozorg بُزُزگ
tight tang تَنگ
loose gošad گُشاد
expensive gerun گِرون
cheap/ affordable arzun اَرزون
discount taxfif تَخفیف
sale harâj حَراج
long sleeve âstin boland آستین بُلَند
short sleeve âstin kutâh آستین کوتاه
crew neck yaqe(h) gerd یَقه گِرد
V-neck yaqe(h) haft یَقه هَفت
turtle neck yaqe(h) istâde(h) یقه ایستاده
long skirt dâman-e boland دامن بلند
short skirt dâman-e kutâh دامن کوتاه
size sâyz سایز
color rang رنگ
quality jens جنس
cotton katân کتان
wool pašm پشم
silk abrišam ابریشم
leather čarm چرم
fitting room otâq-e porov اتاق پرو
What is your size sâyzetun čande(h)? سایزتون چنده؟
What color would you like? če(h) rangi mixâstin? چه رنگی می­ خواستین؟
What do you think of this? in četore(h)? این چطوره؟
Is it the right size? sâyzeš xube(h) سایزش خوبه؟
It has 20 percent discount bist darsad taxfif dâre بیست درصد تخفیف داره
How much is this? in čande(h)? این چَنده؟
Does it have discount? taxfif nadâre(h)? تخفیف نداره؟
Can I try this ….. on? mitunam in….. ro emtehân konam? می تونَم این …. رو اِمتِحان کُنَم؟
It’s a bit loose yekam gošâd-e(h) یه کَم گُشاده
It is expensive for me barây-e man gerune(h) بَرای مَن گِرونه
Do you have it in a bigger size? ye sâyz bozorgtareš ro dârin? یه سایز بزرگترشو دارین؟
Do you have this in red? az in qermezeš ro dârin? از این قرمزشو دارین؟
What is it made of? jens-e pârče(h)aš čiye(h)? جنس پارچه­اش چیه؟
Are these leather shoes? in kafš-hâ čarm-e asle(h) این کفش­ها چرم اصله؟
Its quality is not good jenseš xub nist جنسش خوب نیست
This blouse doesn’t suit me in boluz be man nemiyâd این بلوز به من نمیاد
These shoes don’t fit me in kafš-hâ andâze(h)am nist این کفش­ها اندازه­ام نیست
Can you change it for me? miše(h) ino barâm avaz konid می­شه اینو برام عوض کنید
changeable qâbel-e ta’viz قابل تعویض
refundable qâbel-e pas dâdan قابل پس دادن
Is this refundable miše(h) ino pas dâd? می­شه اینو پس داد؟