Groceries in Farsi (Part 1)

What we call a supermarket in Iran

geroceries in farsi - Groceries in Farsi 1

If you are planning to go shopping in Iran to provide your daily needs, it is good to know that Iranians have several types of shops where you can buy different kinds of groceries, vegetables and food.

A SUPERMARKET in Iran is a place where you can buy dairy products, packaged beans, spices, daily sanitary ware and canned food. These shops are called ‘baqqâli’ in Persian.

There is also another shop called ‘attâri’ in all Iranian cities where you can buy fresh spices. Attâries are very fragrant shops and can be very amazing for a tourist. In these shops you can find a variety of oriental spices, herbal medicines and liquid extracts. Iranians usually go to the butcher’s, to buy meat. But one may also buy packaged meat products such as sausages and frozen and canned meats from the supermarket.

There are some fruits and vegetables in some Iranian supermarkets, but people often go to fruit shops to buy fresh and cheap fruits and vegetable.

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Groceries in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
water âb آب
juice âbmive(h) آبمیوه
bread nun نون
cheese panir پَنیر
butter kare(h) کَره
honey ‘asal عَسَل
jam morabâ مُرَبا
cream xame(h) خامه
egg toxm-e morq تُخمِ مُرغ
coffee qahve(h) قَهوه
tea čây چای
sugar šekar شکر
milk šir شیر
dates xormâ خرما
sesame cream arde(h) اَرده
sesame halva halvâ arde(h) حَلوا اَرده
peanut butter kare(h)-ye bâdâm zamini کَرِه ی بادام زَمینی
yogurt mâst ماست
tomato paste rob-e goje(h) رُبِ گوجه
pomegranate paste rob-e anâr رُبِ اَنار
sauce sos سُس
mayonnaise mâyonez مایونِز
ketchup kačâp کَچاپ
mustard xardal خَردَل
flour ârd آرد
rice berenj بِرِنج
wheat gandom گَندُم
barely jo جو
oat jo-ye dosar جوی دوسَر
bulgur balqur بَلغور
pasta pâstâ پاستا
dough xamir خَمیر
oil roqan روغَن
olive oil roqan zeytun روغَن زیتون
spices adviye(h) ادویه
salt namak نَمَک
saffron za’ferân زَعفِران
cinnamon dârčin دارچین
black pepper felfel siyâh فلفل سیاه
red pepper felfel qermez فلفل قرمز
turmeric zardčube(h) زَردچوبه
cardamom hel هِل
sumac somâq سُماق
caraway zire(h)-ye siyâh زیره­ ی سیاه
cumin zire(h)-ye sabz زیره ی سَبز
ginger zanjebil زَنجِبیل
coriander seeds toxm-e gešniz تخم گشنیز
dill seeds toxm-e šivid تخم شوید
flaxseed bazr-e katân بَذرِ کَتان

thyme âvišan آویشن
vanilla vânil وانیل
rose water golâb گُلاب
bean lubiyâ لوبیا
lentil ‘adas عَدَس
chickpea noxod نُخود
raisin kešmeš کِشمِش
canned konserv کُنسِرو
canned bean konserv-e lubiyâ کُنسِروِ لوبیا
olive zeytun زیتون
pickle xiyâršur خیارشور
meat gušt گوشت
beef gušt-e gâv گوشتِ گاو
veal gušt-e gusâle(h) گوشتِ گوساله
lamb gušt-e gusfand گوشتِ گوسفَند
minced meat gušt-e čarxkarde(h) گوشتِ چَرخ کَرده
chicken morq مُرغ
fish mâhi ماهی
sausage sosis سوسیس
tuna ton-e mâhi تُنِ ماهی

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