Souvenirs in Iran

Buying Souvenirs

Are you a type of person who enjoys shopping in general? If yes, then you are in a heaven while traveling in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and all neighboring countries.
One of the most fascinating parts of your trip can be your visits to old bazars in every city you go. Since all these countries are multicultural and multilingual, you will find a large variety of souvenirs in each of them.
It is also possible to go to gift shops, but most probably it won’t be as pleasant as entering an old bazar, seeing many shades of colors all in one place and fantasizing traders of old time in traditional clothes from various cities or even countries.

If you decide to go to bazar instead of gift shops, keep in mind that in bazar you do not usually find fix prices written on labels. This means that you need to learn how to ask price, which you can easily do it using the relevant phrases you find in this section and shopping phrases.
Then, you need to know how to bargain and ask for discount. You can find some phrases bellow and memorize them, but you should know how and when to use them. This ability is not something we can teach, since you will have to learn it in practice. Moreover, bazar, unlike a gift shop, is usually crowded, so you need to be more careful not to get lost or be robbed.

Before going to Bazar

Finally, it is better to decide on the types of souvenirs you tend to buy before going to bazar. Most of the foreigners have heard about carpets, nuts, textile and saffron as souvenirs from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan but there are plenty of beautiful handmade stuffs, delicious sweets and colorful spices that you can find in these countries. When you enter bazar, there will be many salons, which may look like a labyrinth. Each salon, râste(h) in Farsi, is allocated to one type of products. If you know what you are looking for beforehand, it is easier to find the relevant salon. If not, do not worry. Just drench yourself in colors, smells and sounds of bazar and enjoy playing by ear. You will find beautiful reminders of your trip and your way out for sure.

persian souvenires - Souvenirs in Iran

Souvenirs vocabulary

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
souvenirs soqâti سوغاتی
soqâti kâdo/ hediye(h) کادو/هِدیه
hand craft sanâye’-e dasti صَنایِعِ دَستی
carpet farš فََرش
kilim gilim گلیم
cecim jâjim جاجیم
gabbeh gabbe(h) گَبه
leather čarm چَرم
leather bag kif-e čarm کیفِ چَرم
leather shoes kafš-e čarm کَفشِ چَرم
tile kâši کاشی
clay sofâl سفال
clay pot goldân-e sofâli گُلدانِ سُفالی
table cloth rumizi رومیزی
termeh terme(h) تِرمه
pateh pate(h) پَته
needlework suzanduzi سوزَن دوزی
silk abrišam اَبریشَم
wood čub چوب
woodcraft sanâye’e čubi صَنایِعِ چوبی
wood carving monabbat kâri مُنَبَّت کاری
khatam xâtamkâri خاتَم کاری
vitreous enamel minâkâri میناکاری
jewelry zivar-âlât زیوَرآلات
bracelet dastband دَستبَند
necklace gardanband گَردَنبَند
ring angoštar اَنگُشتَر
earrings gušvâre(h) گوشواره
gold talâ طَلا
silver noqre(h) نُقره
copper mes مِس
brass berenj بِرِنج
gemstone sang-hâ-ye qeymati سَنگ های قیمَتی
turquoise firuze(h) فیروزه
agate aqiq عَقیق
ruby yâqut یاقوت
pearl morvârid مُروارید
sweets širini شیرینی
gaz gaz گَز
sohan sohân سوهان
pistachio peste(h) پِسته
walnut gerdu گردو
almond bâdâm بادام
dried fruit mive(h)-ye xošk میوه یِ خُشک
nuts âjil آجیل
saffron za’ferân زعفِران
spices adviye(h) ادویه
herbal tea damnuš دمنوش

Phrases to Buy Souvenirs in Iran

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
where can I buy a carpet? az kojâ mitunam ye(h) farš bexaram? اَز کُجا می تونَم یه فَرش بِخَرَم؟
how much is the price of this bag? qeymat-e in kif čande(h)? قِیمَتِ این کیف چَنده؟
what is this table cloth made of? jens-e in rumizi či-ye(h)? جِنسِ این رومیزی چیه؟
how many meters square is this carpet? in farš čand dar čande(h)? این فَرش چَند در چَنده؟
are these shoes made in Iran? in kafš-hâ irâni hastand? این کَفش ها ایرانی هَستَند؟
can I try these shoes on? mitunam in kafš-hâ ro emtehân konam? می تونَم این کَفش ها رو اِمتِحان کُنَم؟
is this bracelet handmade? in dast-band dastsâze(h)? این دَستبَند دَست سازه؟
what is this ring’s stone? sang-e in angoštar či-ye(h)? سَنگِ این اَنگُشتَر چیه؟
do you have a cheaper one? arzuntareš ro nadârid? اَرزونتَرِش رو نَدارید؟
is the writing on the t-shirt in Persian? ru-ye in tišert fârsi nevešte(h)? رویِ این تیشرت فارسی نِوِشته؟
can you tell me what is written on this tile? miše(h) begid ru in kâši či nevešte(h)? می شه بِگید رو این کاشی چی نِوِشته؟
I would like a pack of saffron man ye(h) baste(h) za’ferân mixâstam مَن یه بَسته زَعفِران می خواستَم
do you have pistachio in pack of half a kilo? baste(h)hâ-ye nim kiluyi peste(h) dârid? بَسته های نیم کیلوییِ پِسته دارید؟
what is the name of this spice? esm-e in adviye(h) či-ye(h)? اسمِ این اَدویه چیه؟
what is the price of a pack? baste(h)-i čande(h)? بَسته ای چَنده؟
what is the price of a kilo? kiluyi čande(h)? کیلویی چَنده؟
can I taste these nuts? mitunam az in âjil emtehân konam? می تونَم اَز این آجیل اِمتِحان کُنَم؟