Why to learn Farsi ..?

We usually learn languages because of great interest or our need to a new language. Therefore we can have different reasons to start learning a new language. But why Persian? Different people have different reasons for learning Persian, this beautiful language. Here are some important reasons to be motivated. If you have other reasons to learn Persian, please share with us.

Communicate with more than a hundred million speakers

Different dialects of Farsi (Persian, Dari and Tajik) are spoken as mother tongues in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. These Persian dialects are the first language of almost seventy million people in these countries. But in general, more than a hundred million people speak one of these dialects. Iranian and Afghan immigrants live in large numbers in North America and Europe.

By learning Persian, you can easily communicate with the warm-hearted and hospitable people of these areas and get acquainted with their culture, rituals, life styles and thoughts. To increase your motivation to learn Persian, the FarsiMonde group has designed various sections named as getting to know “Iran”, “Afghanistan” and “Tajikistan” to get more acquainted with this beautiful and lovely world. In addition, there are many common words between Persian language and Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Arabic and even Turkish languages. Learning Farsi helps you to get acquainted with these languages ​​to some extent.

Persian Language, The language of poetry and Romantic Literature

Persian language is considered as a metaphorical language, maybe because of its ancient history and cultural complexities. Expressing thoughts, requests and desires in direct way is sometimes difficult for Iranians. Therefore according to many language learners, Persian is a poetic language that has pleasant sounds and musical tone. By learning  Farsi you can enjoy all of these beauties of Iranian literature and poems.


Perhaps the most fascinating reason to learn a language, is to travel to countries where people speak that language. As mentioned before, you can travel to four unique countries by speaking any dialect of Persian.

The beautiful and unique nature of these areas, historical sights, cultural diversity and delicious food in these countries are waiting for you.

In tourist areas as well as common streets, you can easily find people who speak English and also other languages, since Iranians are naturally language lovers, but to go to the heart of the culture and civilization of several thousand years and to communicate and talk to people, you’d better learn Farsi to multiply the joy of your travel. For this reason, we at Farsimonde try to prepare you for a memorable trip by teaching Persian and introducing tourist attractions in these countries.

Work, Trade, Diplomatic Relations

The countries in which people speak in Persian (as a mother tongue or a second language) don’t have just tourist attractions. These countries can be appropriate choices for those who seek for work in a different environment and look for new experiences.

Whereas the number of people learning Farsi as a foreign language is limited, you can increase your chance to find a special job.

Persian Language, a Bridge to the Past

1001shab - Why to Learn Farsi

Although learning Farsi opens a window to a new world, Persian language has not changed much over the last millennium. As a result, Persian speakers can read their old verses and proses with a little effort. Therefore you can find a bridge to the past by learning this language.

By learning Persian, you will get acquainted not only with the current Persian-speaking countries, but also with a wide range of history. FarsiMonde Group does not leave you alone in this way. By using FarsiMonde platform, while learning Persian, you can also get familiar with famous people of Persian literature, music, celebrations, customs and rituals.

How to learn Farsi?

If you have decided to start learning Farsi, but you do not know how to, you should pay attention to a few important points.

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For those unfamiliar with Farsi writing, learning Persian seems a bit difficult. If this is one of your concerns about learning Persian, you don’t need to worry.

Our teachers use new methods for teaching Farsi so that you will not need to read and write at the beginning. After getting acquainted with Persian sentence structure, verb conjugation and speaking, you will also learn to read and write using simple and attractive methods.

You may have heard that Persian is difficult and learning Farsi can take years. Persian may differ from many languages ​​you know, but it has a flexible structure and its grammar is relatively simple, so that with a few months of effort and using Persian teachers’ help, you can possibly be able to speak. Reaching advanced levels might appear a bit tougher though, as we all expect.

Persian, which has a relatively simple grammar, is the language of poetry. Iranians love metaphor and idioms and frequently use verbal games for communication. It is not impossible at all for an illiterate villager to use verses while talking. Therefore, in addition to learning Farsi grammar and words, one also learns to love poetry.

But do not worry, we at FarsiMonde care as much about language and grammar as we do about culture and literature. Persian-speaking students can read Persian poetry and stories in any level if they are interested.

If we made it to diminish your fear of learning Persian and you tend to learn this sweet language, you can choose one of the following methods.

  • In FarsiMonde, we have prepared a book and a video and a section named terms for the basic level, most of which are available to you for free. You can start learning Farsi with this material. If you are interested in learning Farsi and the way we work in Farsi and you need help, you can get help from our experienced teachers.
  • If you know a little Persian and want to improve, contact us. We have free placement tests you can use and get to know your level of Persian, and if you happen to like the way your teacher works, you can choose that particular teacher and go on learning Persian.
  • Buy FarsiMonde books and videos, find Iranian friends and ask them to practice with you.

Finally, if you ever feel learning Persian is difficult, do not forget they say “Farsi is sugar”. We are by your side in FarsiMonde.

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