A Quatrain of Omar Xayyâm

In addition to being a poet and writing Ruba’i, Omar Khayyam was also a mathematician and astronomer, and thanks to him, Iranians today have the most accurate calendar. His attention to astronomy is also reflected in his quatrains, referring to concepts such as day, night, sunrise, sunset, seasons, and times of year.

Quatrain No. 24 by Omar Khayyam

khayyam3 - A Ruba’i of Omar Xayyâm (3)

چون اَبر به نوروز رُخِ لاله بِشُست

čon abr be(h) noruz rox-e lâle(h) bešost

چون = čon = when
اَبر = abr = cloud
به نوروز = be(h) noruz = in Noruz

رُخِ = rox-e = face
لاله = lâle(h) = tulip
بِشُست = bešost= washed

بَرخیز و به جام باده کُن عَزمِ دُرُست

barxiz-o be(h) jâm-e bâde(h) kon ‘azm-e dorost

برخیز = barxiz = get up
و = o = and
به = be(h) = with
جام = jâm = wine glass

باده = bâde(h) = wine
کُن = kon = do, make
عَزم = azm = decision, determination’
دُرُست = dorost = correct

کاین سَبزه که اِمروز تَماشاگَهِ توست

kin sabze(h) ke(h) emruz tamâšgah-e tost

کین = kin = (short form of ke(h) in) that this
سَبزه = sabze(h) = grass
که = ke(h) = which
اِمروز = emruz = today

تَماشاگَه = tamâšgah = watching
تو = to = you
ست = st = is-

فَردا هَمه اَز خاکِ تو بَر خواهَد رُست

fardâ hame(h) az xâk-e to bar xâhad rost

فََردا = farad = tomorrow
هَمه = hame(h) = all
اَز = az = from
خاک = xâk = soil, tomb   (there is a believe that we are all made of soil and will be back to it)

تو = to = you
بَرخواهَد رُست = bar xâhad rost = will grow

Now try to read Khayyam’s Quatrain

چون اَبر به نوروز رُخِ لاله بِشُست
بَرخیز و به جام باده کُن عَزم دُرُست

کاین سَبزه که اِمروز تَماشاگَهِ توست
فَردا هَمه اَز خاکِ تو بَرخواهَد رُست

Roba’i no 24

English Translation:

When spring clouds starts washing the faces of tulips;
Get up and with the help of wine, take the best decision;

Because this grass that is watching you now;
Tomorrow will grow on your tomb;

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