Train Travel in Iran

Trains in Iran

Trains are good vehicles. They don’t collide, they don’t fall, and thank God there are no armed bandits in Iran to attack the trains. You can sleep much better on trains in Iran than on planes and buses. You can go to the bathroom whenever you need to, and generally the quality of food served to passengers on trains is much better than on buses and planes. But don’t forget to declare you want food when buying a train ticket.
Another advantage of taking trains in Iran is you can have as heavy a luggage as you like. There is no luggage weight limit for train travels. You don’t need to worry about the weight of your luggage.

Train travel in Iran is qualified using stars and grades. These words indicate the quality, cleanliness and comfortability of the trains but when buying or booking a train ticket one must know they are opposed to each other, i.e. the more the stars, the more luxurious the train but the higher the grade, the cheaper the travel and the fewer the facilities. For example, a five-star train is better than a three-star train but a third-grade train is more inconvenient, and of course cheaper than a first-class train.

How to choose our train?

Iranian trains are also classified in two groups of coupé and bus.
In coupé trains you will be in a small cabin for 4 or 6 people. (It is better to pay attention to the number of your fellow travelers when buying a ticket). Also, when buying a ticket, you can get the whole room by paying for the tickets of all the seats. If you need to rest, benches turn from a sitting position into a sleeping position.
Now bus trains are those without a cabin. You are definitely less comfortable on these trains, because you can’t lie down. However, it should be noted that many passengers prefer trains to airplanes for fear of heights, and for those who are afraid of closed spaces, cabinless trains are a better option.

veresk bridge - Train Travel in Iran

Trains also have several stops during the trip for various reasons. It is better to always use the toilets inside the train and not to go out. As everywhere in the world, toilets are at the beginning and the end of each wagon.
There is usually a doctor on each train who can help with medication if anyone has insomnia, headaches or digestive problems.
Finally, it is good to know that train trips in Iran are generally not very punctual in time. You may arrive minutes or even hours later than you think. So, it is best to bring some drinks, snacks, books or entertainment equipment, a mobile phone charger and personal items.

Have a nice train travel in Iran! 

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
train qatâr قَطار
railway station istgâh-e qatâr ایستگاهِ قَطار
platform sakku سَکّو
wagon vâgon واگُن
coupe kupe(h) کوپه
train ticket belit-e qatâr بِلیتِ قَطار
stop istgâh ایستگاه
e-booking rezerv-e bilit رِزِروِ بِلیت
e-ticket belit-e interneti بِلیتِ اینترنِتی
single belit-e yek tarafe(h) بِلیتِ یک طَرَفه
return belit-e do tarafe(h) بِلیتِ دوطَرَفه
next train qatâr-e ba’di قَطارِ بَعدی
What time is the next train to Mashhad qatâr-e ba’di be samt-e Mašhad key harekat mikone(h)? قَطارِ بَعدی به سَمتِ مَشهَد کِی حَرَکَت می کُنه؟
My coupe is in the last wagon kupe(h)-ye man dar vagon-e âxare(h) کوپه ی ما واگُنِ آخریه
I have a first class ticket man belit-e qatâr-e daraje(h) yek dâram مَن بِلیتِ دَرَجه یِک دارَم
Train has a delay qatâr ta’xir dâre(h) قَطار تأخیر داره
This coupe has beds in kupe(h) taxt-e xâb dâre(h) این کوپه تختِ خاب داره
The train’s ac works well tahviye(h)-ye qatâr xube(h). تَهویه ی قَطار خوبه