Booking a Hotel Room in Farsi

hotel booking - Booking a Hotel Room in Iran

Where Can You Stay in a Persian Speaking Country?

If your visa and ticket are ready to travel to Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikistan, the last important thing to decide is where to stay or booking a hotel. As in other countries, you have many different options. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can stay in a 5-star hotel, a room in a hostel or even in a tent which you had brought with you. To help you make your mind easier, we are providing you with some required information and suggestions.

Regarding tourism as a profitable industry is something recent in Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan; therefore, required infrastructure for tourism is not comparable to what you can find in many other countries. However, because of historical sightseeing and attractive nature in these countries, many people are eager to visit this part of the world. So, you’d better book a room at least a month beforehand to make sure that you won’t bump into a problem. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that the standard of giving stars to hotels may vary in different cities so, check services and quality of everything carefully before you book a room.

Traditional Places

In old cities in Iran, such as Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd and Shiraz you can stay in old houses which are restored and changing into hotels. If you do not like modern and luxurious places and you enjoy feeling old time atmosphere, these places are the best options for you to stay. You can get pleasure of eating traditional homemade foods in most of these hotels.

Moreover, during the last decade, investment in eco-resorts has become a trend in Iran. Many families who inherited an old house or building in rural areas, are changing these places into traditional restaurants or hostels. Because these places are usually managed by a family and their close relatives, you can experience living with Iranian traditional family, eating the same food with them, listening to live traditional music they may play for you and enjoy the well-known Iranians’ hospitability. But keep in mind that most of the time the facilities in these places are lower than what you may have in big hotels. If you are searching for a soothing place far from city crowds, these places are the best options for you.

Rental Flats

Another choice for staying is to find a furnished flat which you can rent for specific time. These houses are usually convenient and clean but there will be no one helping you for anything. If you decide to stay in these flats, make sure you can know some basic phrases in Persian to go shopping or asking for direction

More Adventures?

Finally, if you are looking for more adventurous trip to these countries, you can bring your tent and sleeping bag to go camping in mountains, woods or deserts. Most of the travelers in Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikistan, who use couch-surfing, had made friends among locals in these countries for years before travelling. If you are a type of person who finds pleasure in unexpected challenges, this option is the best for you. But remember that in most of the places in these countries, you need to speak Farsi to survive.

Now, if you made your mind to book a room in a hotel or hostel, here are some phrases in Farsi to learn.

Vocabularies For Booking a Room in a Hotel

English Pronunciation Farsi
hotel hotel هُتِل
hostel mosâferxâne(h) مُسافِرخانه
hotel apartment hotel âpârtemân هُتِل آپارتِمان
eco-resort eghamatgâh-e boomgardi اِقامَتگاهِ بومگَردی
rental house xune(h)-ye ejâre(h)i خونه یِ اِجاره ای
three stars hotel hotel-e se(h) setâre(h) هُتِلِ سه سِتاره
room otâq اُتاق
a room with a shower otâq bâ duš اُتاق با دوش
suit su’it سوئیت
bed taxt تَخت
single bed yek nafare(h) یِک نَفَره
double bed do nafare(h) دو نَفَره
twin room do taxte(h) دو تَخته
vacancies otâq-e xâli اُتاقِ خالی
extra bed taxt-e ezâfi تَختِ اِضافی
key kelid کِلید
date târix تاریخ
reception pazireš پَذیرِش
concierge darbân-e hotel دَربانِ هُتِل
how many nights čand šab? چَند شَب
to book rezerv kardan رِزِرو کَردَن
by phone telefoni تِلِفُنی
online interneti اینتِرنِتی
in person huzuri حُضوری
refundable qâbel-e pas gereftan قابِلِ پَس گِرِفتَن

Persian Phrases For Booking a Room in a Hotel

English Pronunciation Farsi  
Do you have any
otâq-e xâli dârid? اُتاقِ خالی دارید؟
how much is a single
room per night?
otâq-e yek nafare(h)
šabi čande(h)?
اُتاقِ یِک نَفَره
شَبی چَنده؟
What sort of room
would you like
če(h) jur otâqi mixâstin? چه جور اُتاقی
می خواستین؟
I want a double room
with a park view
man yek otâq-e du nafare(h),
ru be pârk mixâm
مَن یِک اُتاقِ دو نَفَره
رو به پارک می خوام
For how many nights? barâ-ye čand šab بَرایِ چَند شَب؟
For five nights barâ-ye panj šab بَرایِ پَنج شَب
From what date? az če(h) târixi? اَز چه تاریخی؟
From April 26 az bist-o šiš-e âvril اَز بیست و شیشِ آوریل
Is the breakfast included? otâq bâ sobhâne(h) ast? اُتاق با صُبحانه اَست؟
Could we have an extra bed? mitunim yek taxt-e ezâfe
dâšte(h) bâšim?
می تونیم یِک تَختِ اِضافه
داشته باشیم؟
This room is fine, can I book it? in otâq xube(h), mitunam
rezerveš konam?
این اُتاق خوبه، می تونَم
رِزِروِش کُنَم؟
What time will you arrive? če(h) sâ’ati miresid? چه ساعَتی می رِسید؟
What time can I check-in? če(h) sâ’ati mitunam otâq
ro tahvil begiram?
چه ساعَتی می تونَم اُتاق
رو تَحویل بِگیرَم؟
Is the booking money
pul-e rezerv qâbel-e
pas gereftane(h)?
پولِ رِزِرو قابِلِ پَس گِرِفتَنه؟
What are the canceling policies šarâyet-e kanseli či-ye(h)? شَرایِطِ کَنسِلی چیه؟


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