Leisure in Farsi

Is it possible to have a leisure time in Persian speaking countries?

Hearing the name of Iran or Afghanistan, you may have a picture of ruins that are remained from suicide attacks, dull cities without night life, or terrorists who are riding camels around while carrying A47s. So, collocation of entertainment, hobbies, leisure in Farsi, Iran and Afghanistan may seem awkward for those who have not been to these countries.

But our advice is to forget about the picture that media show about Iran, Afghanistan, or Tajikistan which has a better reputation. Those who dare to travel to these areas can tell you how you can spend months without getting bored in these countries.

How to Entertain ourselves in Persian countries?

It is true that drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden in Iran, so you cannot find bars or disco. But this does not mean that Iranians or Afghans do not enjoy night life. During spring and summer, when the weather is good, you can find thousands of people picnicking in parks or gardens, gathering in groups of ten or more, playing, singing and sometimes dancing.

Moreover, in this part of the world, people love throwing parties. The chance of being invited by locals to their houses during the first week of traveling in these countries is really high. So you can enjoy eating local foods, being locally dressed and learning local dances and leisure in Farsi. To be prepared for these kinds of occasions, you can check Farsi greeting and small talk.

No matter which seasons you travel in, there is always somewhere you can go and do sports activities. Moreover, in most of the cities, you can find an historical garden, with a small museum or gallery inside or a small cozy café which is decorated by eastern architecture and art.

lesure - Leisure in Farsi

This part of the world has a long history. This means that wherever you go, you can find some old sightseeing. So, if you are interested in the ancient time, traveling to these countries is an excellent choice. To learn more about traveling in Iran, you can refer to tourism. Because of this old history, you can find different cultures, clothes, foods, folklore music, traditions, leisure and Farsi languages and dialects in this area. Talking to people, learning about their lives and even going to traditional weddings or concerts can add flavor to your trip.

Finally, going to bazar, checking handcrafts, bargaining and buying souvenirs may take you to 1001 nights’ stories. So if you have made decision to travel to Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikistan, make sure to have bazar included in your plan and get prepared to talk to sellers by the help of souvenirs in Iran section.

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Leisure vocabulary in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
cinema sinemâ سینِما
museum muze(h) موزه
theatre te’âtr تِئاتر
concert konsert کُنسِرت
restaurant with live music resturân bâ musiqi-ye zende(h) رِستوران با موسیقیِ زِنده
traditional music musiqi-ye sonati موسیقیِ سُنَّتی
local music musiqi-ye mahali موسیقیِ مَحَلّی
park pârk پارک
swimming pool estaxr اِستَخر
bazar bâzâr بازار
souvenir soqâti سوُغاتی
handcrafts sanâye’-e dasti صَنایِعِ دَستی
trip safar سَفَر
excursion gardeš/ gašt گَردِش/ گَشت
mountains kuh کوه
desert kavir کَویر
sea daryâ دَریا
lake daryâče(h) دَریاچه
beach sâhel ساحِل
seaside kenâr-e daryâ کِنارِ دَریا
island jazire(h) جَزیره
woods jangal جَنگَل
waterfall âbšâr آبشار
ecotourism tabi’at gardi طَبیعَتگَردی
historical sightseeing âsâr-e târixi آثارِ تاریخی
mountain climbing kuh-navardi کوهنَوَردی
rock climbing saxre(h)-navardi صَخره نَوَردی
swimming šenâ شِنا
cycling dočarxe(h)-savâri دوچَرخه سَواری
ski eski اِسکی
camping ordu / čador zadan اُردو/ چادُر زَدَن
tour tur تور
tour guide râhnamâ-ye tur راهنَمایِ تور
car rental ejâre(h)-ye mâšin اِجاره یِ ماشین
to buy xaridan خَریدَن
to travel safar kardan سَفَر کَردَن
ticket belit بِلیت
entrance vorudi وُرودی
tent čador چادُر
safe amn اَمن
dangerous xatarnâk خَطَرناک

Leisure Phrases in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
where is the museum? muze(h) kojâst? موزه کُجاست؟
how can I go to …. četori mitunam beram ….. چِطوری می تونَم بِرَم؟
where can I buy ticket? kojâ mitunam belit bexaram? کُجا می تونَم بِلیت بِخَرَم؟
how much is the entrance? vorudi čande(h)? وُرودی چَنده؟
is it allowed to cycle? dočarx-e savâri âzâde(h)? دوچَرخه سَواری آزاده؟
Is it safe to swim here? injâ barâye šenâ amn-e(h)? اینجا بَرایِ شِنا اَمنه؟
how dangerous …. is? … čeqadr xatarnâk-e(h) چِقَدر خَطَرناکه؟ …
is it child friendly? barâ-ye bače(h) monâsebe? بَرایِ بَچه ها مُناسِبه؟
can we camp here? miše(h) injâ čador zad? می شه اینجا چادُر زَد؟
can I stay over a night? miše(h) šab injâ mund? می شه شَب اینجا موند؟
what time does …. open? ….. sâ’at čand bâz miše(h)? ساعَتِ چَند باز میشه؟
what time does …… close? …… sâ’at čand mibande(h) ساعَتِ چَند می بَنده؟ …
is there live music in this restaurant? in resturan musiqi-ye zende(h) dâre(h)? این رِستوران موسیقیِ زِنده داره؟
what is the souvenir of Shiraz? soqâti-ye širâz čiye(h)? سوغاتیِ شیراز چیه؟
where can I buy good quality handcrafts? Kojâ mitunam sanâye’-e dasti xub bexaram کُجا می تونَم صَنایِعِ دَستی ِ خوب بِخَرَم؟
how can I check the weather? četori havâ ro ček konam? چِطوری هَوا رو چِک کُنَم؟
How is the weather tomorrow fardâ havâ četore? فَردا هَوا چِطوره؟
Is the weather good for skiing? havâ barâ-ye eski xube(h)? هوا برای اسکی خوبه؟
Taking photo is forbidden here ‘akkâsi injâ mamnu’e(h) عَکّاسی اینجا مَمنوعه
Camping is not possible here. nemitunid injâ čâdor bezanid نِمی تونید اینجا چادُر بِزَنید
The museum’s working hour is till five. sâ’at-e kâri muze(h) tâ panj-e ‘asre(h) ساعَتِ کاریِ موزه تا پَنجِ عَصره
The ticket price for non-Iranians is different qeymat-e belit barâ-ye qeyr-e irâni-hâ farq dâre(h) قِیمَتِ بِلیت بَرایِ غِیرِایرانی ها فَرق داره
Today, skiing is dangerous emrz eski kardan xatarnâke(h) اِمروز اِسکی کَردَن خَطَرناکه
Swimming here is not safe injâ barâ-ye šenâ kardan amn nist اینجا بَرایِ شِنا کَردَن مُناسِب نیست
Hotel and breakfast is included hotel-o sobhâne(h) bar ‘ohde-ye ture(h). هُتِل و صُبحانه بَر عُهده یِ توره
The bus will leave Azadi square at 5 a.m. utubus sâ’at-e panj-e sobh az meydân-e âzâdi harekat mikone(h) اُتوبوس ساعَتِ پَنجِ صُبح اَز مِیدانِ آزادی حَرِکَت می کُنه