International Airports in Iran

Iran has only ten international airports, out of which two are located in Tehran and eight in other major cities: Mashhad, Isfahan, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Zahedan, Yazd and Tabriz.

Naturally, most international flights are operated at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, which is the largest airport in Iran and located about thirty kilometers south of Tehran. However, this airport is not a big airport for a big city like Tehran or a big country like Iran.

At Iranian International Airports, as a newcomer you will not encounter a new problem that needs to be explained, except that women are advised to bring a scarf in their handbag because hijab is mandatory in Iran.

Compared to most large countries, Iranian airports duty-free shop stalls are not glamorous. In these stores, most of the common Iranian souvenirs can be found such as Gaz, Sohan and North Sea caviar. But these goods are not necessarily of the best quality.

There are basically one or two exchange offices and an Iranian bank. It is better to have some Iranian money with you before leaving the airport.

To get out of the airport as a passenger, it is better to use an airport taxi. However, usually a lot of ordinary drivers wander around the airport and offer a ride with their own prices. Some of these people are not actually taxi drivers, and many work under the supervision of Internet taxi companies. It is recommended that you take an airport taxi through the airport information guides for the sake of caution and a more comfortable experience.

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Domestic Flights in Tehran

Remember that international flights and domestic flights in Tehran are not the same. Imam Khomeini Airport is used for international flights and Mehrabad Airport is used for domestic flights.

If you plan to fly from Tehran to other Iranian cities, after reaching Imam Khomeini Airport, you have to travel fifty kilometers by taxi to reach Mehrabad Airport. Therefore, even if you do not intend to stay in Tehran, also choose a flight ticket to other cities for the day after your arrival in Tehran.

If you are planning to travel by domestic airlines in Iran, it is better to be a little familiar with Persian keywords at the airport. Because probably the news announcers and passenger guides speak Persian. If you have no Persian-speaking person with you, you may not notice the announcements.
If you don’t find Iranian airports attractive, large and well equipped, don’t worry. Unattractive airports don’t mean those countries are not beautiful.
Have a nice trip

In Iranian Airports

English Pronunciation Farsi
plane havâpeymâ هَواپیما
airport forudgâh فُرودگاه
flight parvâz پَرواز
arrivals parvâz-hâ-ye vorudi پَروازهای وُرودی
departures parvâz-hâ-ye xoruji پَروازهای خُروجی
domestic dâxeli داخِلی
International xâreji خارِجی
pilot xalabân خَلَبان
luggage čamedân چَمِدان
hand bag kif-e dasti کیفِ دَستی
flight crew xadame(h)-ye parvâz خَدَمه یِ پَرواز
flight attendant mehmândâr مِهماندار
passport pâsport/gozarnâme(h) پاسپورت/گُذَرنامه
ticket belit بِلیت
boarding pass kârt-e parvâz کارتِ پَرواز
flight number šomâre(h)-ye parvâz شُماره یِ پَرواز
gate dar-e xoruji دَرِ خُروجی
passport control mahal-e kontorol-e gozarnâme(h) مَحَلِ کُنترلِ گُذَرنامه
custom service gomrok گُمرُک
toilet servis-e behdâšti سِرویسِ بِهداشتی
restaurant resturân رِستوران
exchange bureau sarrâfi صَرّافی
information ettelâ’ât اِطِّلاعات
Excuse-me, where is the … bebaxšid …. kojâst? بِبَخشید…. کُجاست؟
Where can I get a trolley? az kojâ mitunam čarx dasti begiram اَز کُجا می تونَم چَرخ دَستی بِگیرَم
I booked my ticket on the internet man belit-e interneti xaridam مَن بِلیتِ اینترنِتی خَریدَم
It’s my ticket reference in šomâre(h)ye xarid-e belit-e mane(h) این شُماره یِ خَریدِ بِلیتِ مَنه
check in tahvil-e bâr تَحویلِ بار
You need to check in this luggage bâyad in ro tahvil-e bâr bedid بایَد این رو تَحویلِ بار بِدید
you can’t take it to the plane nemitunid in ro daxel-e havâpeymâ bebarid. نِمی تونید این رو داخِلِ هَواپِیما بِبَرید
you can’t carry liquids nemitunid mâye’ât haml konid نِمی تونید مایِعات حَمل کُنید
This is a pain killer for my headache in dâru-ye sardard-a me(h) این دارویِ سَردَردَمه
excess baggage charge jarime(h)-ye bâre ezâfi جَریمه یِ بارِ اِضافی
electronic devices vasâyel-e elektroniki وَسایِلِ اِلِکترونیکی
please put all your electronic devices on the tray here. lotfan hame(h)-ye vasâyel-e elektrikitun ro injâ bezârid لُطفاً هَمه ی وَسایِلِ الکتریکیتون رو اینجا بِذارید
please take your laptop out of its case lotfan laptâpetun ro az kifeš darbiyârid لُطفاً لپتاپ رو از کیفِش دربیارید
passengers of flight number … please proceed to Gate 8 mosâferân-e parvâz-e …. be(h) sakku-ye hasht moraje’e(h) konand مُسافِرانِ پَروازِ …. به سَکوی هَشت مُراجِعِه کُنَند
The flight has been delayed parvâz ta’xir dârad پَرواز تأخیر دارَد
The flight has been canceled parvâz laqv šode(h) ast. پَرواز لَغو شُده است

In Airplanes

English Pronunciation Farsi
seat sandali صَندَلی
seat number šomâre(h)-ye sandali شُماره یِ صَندَلی
flight number šomâre(h)-ye parvâz شماره ی پَرواز
What is your flight number? šomâre(h)-ye parvâz-e šomâ čande(h)? شُماره یِ پَروازِ شُما چَنده؟
What is your seat number šomâre(h)-ye sandali-ye šomâ čande(h)? شُماره یِ صَندَلیِ شُما چَنده؟
seat  belt kamarband-e imeni کَمَربَندِ ایمِنی
Please fasten your seat belt lotfan kamarband-e imeni-ye xod râ bebandid لُطفاً کَمَربَندِ ایمِنیِ خود را بِبَندید
Please put your bag in the locker over your head lotfan kifetun ro dar ja’be(h)-ye bâlâ-ye saretun bezârid لُطفاً کیفِتون رو دَر جَعبه یِ بالایِ سَرِتون بِذارید
How can I help you? mitunam komaketun konam? می تونَم کُمَکِتون کُنَم؟
I feel dizzy man sargije(h) dâram مَن سَرگیجه دارَم
I feel nauseous man hâlat-e tahavo’ dâram مَن حالَتِ تَهَوُّع دارَم
I think my blood pressure is low fekr mikonam fešâram pâyine(h) فِکر می کُنَم فِشارَم پایینه
I have high blood pressure fešâr-e xun-e bâlâ dâram فِشارِ خونِ بالا دارَم
Are you taking particular medicine? dâru-ye xâssi masraf mikonid? دارویِ خاصی مَصرَف می کُنید
can you give me a blanket? bebaxšid miše(h) ye patu be(h) man bedid? بِبَخشید میشه یه پَتو به مَن بِدید؟
I would like a glass of water please ye livân âb mixâstam lotfan یه لیوان آب می خواستَم
What would you like to drink? nušidani či meyl dârid? نوشیدَنی چی مِیل دارید؟
What would you like to eat? qazâ či meyl dârid? غَذا چی مِیل دارید؟
I eat/ drink …. man … mixoram مَن… می خورَم
we will land in 10 minutes tâ dah daqiqe(h)-ye digar forud mi-âyim تا دَه دَقیقه یِ دیگر فرود می آییم
please keep you sit-belt fasten lotfan kamarband-hâ-ye xod râ baste(h) negah dârid. لُطفاً کَمَربَندهایِ خود را بَسته نِگَه دارید