Measurements in Farsi

mesaurements 1 - Measurements and Quantities in Farsi

In this part, you will learn how to say quantities and measurements in Farsi. This part is one of the easiest ones since we use the metric scale, so for most of the words you just need to get familiar with the Persian pronunciation. However, to put all these words in practice, you also need to learn numbers. Moreover, some of the English containers have Persian equivalents but we can use even the English word for it. For example, you can use either “box” or ja’be(h)”.

In Farsi, like many other languages we have countable and non-countable nouns. But it seems that considering an item as countable or uncountable isn’t always universal. As a result, you need to check if a quantifier is needed or what is the most appropriate one. For instance, the noun “bread” is considered uncountable in English whereas it is countable in Farsi. Then we can say “ye nun” which is equivalent for “a bread”, which is a mistake in English.

“Ye(h)” or “Yek”?

In spoken Persian, it sometimes happens that we omit containers. Take the following cases as the most frequent examples:

  1. a) ye(h) âb be man midi?, can you give me one water?

If you hear it in a super market, you can easily guess that the omitted container is “bottle”, while at home it can be a “glass”.

  1. b) ye(h) pasta mixâstam, I wanted a pasta.

You can guess that it means “a pack of pasta” of course.

To learn more about how to construct a known phrase with numbers, containers and items, you can check the shopping and groceries in Farsi Part 1 and geroceries in Fasri Part 2 sections.

Measurements in Farsi Phrases 

English Pronunciation Farsi Sound
half a litre of … nim litr نیم لیتر
one litre of … yek litr یِک لیتر
2 litres of … do litr دو لیتر
a bottle of … yek botri یِک بُطری
a glass of … yek livân یِک لیوان
100 grams of … sad geram صَد گِرَم
half a kilo of … nim kilu نیم کیلو
one kilo of… yek kilu یِک کیلو
2 kilos of… do kilu دو کیلو
1 cm. yek santi-metr یِک سانتی مِتر
1 meter yek metr یِک مِتر
1 km. yek kilu-metr یِک کیلومِتر
a slice of… yek boreš az یِک بُرِش اَز
a portion of… yek pors یِک پُرس
a dozen yek jin یِک جین
a pair yek joft یِک جُفت
a box yek ja’be(h) یِک جَعبه
a carton of… yek karton یِک کارتون
a packet of… yek pâkat یِک پاکَت

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