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The Natural Environment

Talking about the environment is very prevalent in all languages these days, and with the problems like global warming, water and energy crisis, and food shortage, it is not difficult to guess why the topic became a trend. When we start to talk about the environment and ecosystem, many other subjects such as the future of human beings on the planet Earth, national and international policies, power, war, globalization, lifestyle, technology, technological progress and its influence on people’s lives, and the possible ways of saving our planet come to our minds. You may think some of these topics are irrelevant to nature and the environment, but if you look at all these topics meticulously, you can easily see how everything in our lives can be linked to nature. Therefore, in this part, you will learn vocabulary and expressions to discuss many different topics. As a result, this part is the most complicated and at the same time the most significant part of Expression’s section.

Talking about the Earth, ecosystem, problems, and possible solutions to reduce the harm we do to our surroundings can improve our awareness about one of the world’s biggest problems. As we all know, the problems are on a global scale, so negotiation between nations and informing everybody of these issues is a necessity. If you are in Iran or you have Farsi-speaking friends from other countries, you can try to converse with them in their language to have a better influence on them. So do not hesitate to go through this part. You will improve your Persian and at the same time, you may start re-thinking about nature and lifestyle.

Now, if you are ready to learn Farsi phrases and words about nature and earth, you can start with learning a well-known quote about the earth, attributed to Wendell Berry, in Farsi:

The earth is what we all have in common

zamin tanhâ dârâyi-e moštarak miyân-e hame-ye mâst

زمین تنها دارایی مشترک میان همه­ ی ماست

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