Hotel Check in/ Check out In Persian

check in check out - Hotel Check-In/Out in Farsi

For tourists who travel a lot, hotel context and the way of communicating with the staff is something familiar. Therefore, you won’t face cultural clash or misunderstanding most of the times even in Persian speaking countries. Receptionists usually speak English and maybe other languages such as Arabic and Turkish. However, if you decide to go to hostels or eco-lodges you may need to speak in Farsi. For this reason, relevant frequent phrases to request something or explaining a situation are added to this part. Some of the phrases are a bit long, but they can become a solution to your problems one day. Now it is time for a few tips before going to expressions:

– In majority of hotels in Iran, check-in starts at 10 AM and check-out is usually before noon, or 2 PM, but you’d better verify it before booking. It is also possible to fix everything by negotiation. So, arrange your arrival time and your needs with your hotel’s receptionist.

– In all hotels and other staying places, there is a storage in which you can leave your luggage. These storages are usually very safe and you can trust the hotel staff, but try not to leave your valuable stuffs in these storage rooms.

– Tipping is not common in Iran in most occasions. A hotel is one of those places in which you are expected to tip. Tipping the bellmen, those who are responsible to clean your room, or carry your luggage is an act that presents your gratitude for their services. Even if your stay in a place is not enjoyable, you’d better tip the workers in the hotel, then show your dissatisfaction in other ways such as commenting on their website or talking to the manager.

– Finally, because the hotel talks are usually very formal and follow specific politeness formula, all phrases that you will learn here are adjusted to the situation. You may get surprised to see that in most cases there are no words equivalent to “please”, but don’t worry for not using this magic politeness word because saying “please” is unnecessary, while talking in Farsi according to the politeness formula.

In case you need to learn how to complain if something does not work well in your room, refer to hotel complaints.

Hotel Check in/out Vocabulary in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
room otâq اُتاق
room number šomâre(h)-ye otâq شُماره یِ اُتاق
key kelid-e otâq کِلیدِ اُتاق
floor tabaqe(h) طَبَقه
lift / elevator âsânsor آسانسور
suitcase čamedân چَمِدان
luggage vasâyel وَسایِل
credit card kârt-e e’tebâri کارتِ اِعتِباری
cash pul-e naqd پولِ نَقد
exchange bureau sarrafi صَرّافی
passport gozarnâme(h)/ pâsport گُذَرنامه/پاسپُورت
name esm اِسم
booked rezerv رِزِرو
to book rezerv kardan رِزِرو کَردَن
check-in tahvil gereftan تَحویل گِرِفتَن
check-out tahvil dâdan تَحویل دادَن

Hotel Check-In Day

English Pronunciation Farsi
I had booked a double room man ye otâq-e do nafare(h)
rezerv karde(h) budam
مَن یه اُتاقِ دو نَفَره
رِزِرو کَرده بودَم
Your name please? esmetun lotfan? اُسمِتون لُطفاً
Could I see your passport? mitunam pâsportetun ro bebinam می تونَم پاسپورتِتون رو بِبینَم؟
could you please fill in
this form?
miše(h) lotfan in form
ro por konid?
می شه لُطفاً این فُرم
رو پُر کُنید؟
Can I check-in? mitunam otâqam ro
tahvil begiram?
می تونَم اُتاقَم رو تَحویل بِگیرم؟
Is my room ready? otâqam âmâdast? اُتاقَم آماده اَست؟
Your room will be ready
at 2:00 O’clock
otâq-e šomâ sâ’at-e do
âmâde(h) miše(h)
اُتاقِ شُما ساعَتِ دو آماده می شه
Is there any place we can
leave our luggage?
jâyi hast vasâyelemun
ro bezârim?
جایی هَست وَسایِلِمون رو بِذاریم؟
Your room is ready otâq-e šomâ âmâde(h) ast اُتاقِ شُما آماده اَست
Your room is on the
third floor
otâqetun tabaqe(h)-ye
اُتاقِتون طَبَقه یِ سِومه
here is your key befarmâyid kelidetun بِفَرمایید کِلیدِتون
The elevator is behind you âsânsor pošt-e saretune(h) آسانسور پُشتِ سَرِتونه
Would you like any help
with your luggage?
barâ-ye bâlâ bordan-e vasâyeletun
komak lâzem dârid?
بَرایِ بالا بُردَنِ وَسایِلِتون
کُمَک لازِم دارید؟

Frequent Questions in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
What time is the breakfast? sobhâne(h) sâ’at-e čand
serve miše(h)?
صُبحانه ساعَتِ چَند
سِرو می شه؟
Breakfast is from 7:00 to 9:30 sobhâne(h) az sâ’at-e haft
tâ noh-o nime(h) goruhi
صُبحانه اَز ساعَتِ هَفت تا نُه
و نیمه
Can we have my breakfast
in my room?
miše(h) tu otâq sobhâne(h)
می شه تو اُتاق صُبحانه بُخوریم؟
What time does the restaurant
start serving dinner
resturan az če(h) sâ’ati
šâm serv mikone(h)?
رِستوران اَز چه ساعَتی
شام سِرو می کُنه؟
Do you have laundry
emkânât-e xoškšuyi dârin? اِمکاناتِ خُشکشویی دارین؟
Could you wake me up
at 7:00 in the morning?
miše(h) mano sâ’at-e haft
bidâr konin?
می شه مَنُو ساعَتِ هَفت
بیدار کُنین؟
Could you call me a taxi? miše(h) barâm ye taxi begirin? می شه بَرام یه تاکسی بِگیرین؟
Do you know a good
restaurant around?
bebaxšid, nazdik-e hotel
resturân-e xub mišnâsin?
بِبَخشید، نَزدیکِ هُتِل،
رِستورانِ خوب می شناسین؟
Do you know any exchange
bureau around?
in dor-o-bar sarrafi mišnâsin? این دُور و بَر صَرّافی می شناسین؟
I’ve lost my room key,
do you have an extra?
man kelidam ro gom kardam,
šomâ kelid-e ezâfe(h) dârin?
مَن کِلید رو گُم کَردَم
شُما کِلیدِ اِضافه دارین؟
Can I stay one more night? mitunam otâq ro ye(h) ruz
dirtar tahvil bedam?
می تونَم اُتاق رو یه روز
دیرتَر تَحویل بِدَم؟

Hotel Check-Out Day

English Pronunciation Farsi
I’d like to check-out mixâstam otâh ro tahvil bedam می خاستَم اُتاق رو تَحویل بِدَم
What was your room number? šomâre(h)-ye otâqetun čand bud? شُماره یِ اُتاقِتون چَند بود؟
Have you used the minibar? az minibâr-e otâq estefâde(h) kardin? اَز مینی بار اِستِفاده کَردین؟
I haven’t used the minibar az minibâr estefâde(h)
اَز مینی بارِ اُتاق  اِستفاده نَکَردَم
I have taken 3 bottles of …. se(h) botri …. Az minibbâr
سه بُطری …. اَز مینی بار ّبَرداشتَم
Would it be possible
to have late check-out?
mitunam otâqam ro
dirtar tahvil bedam?
می تونَم اُتاقَم رو دیرتَر
تَحویل بِدَم؟
I think there is a mistake
in this bill.
fekr mikonam in surathesâb
eštebâh dâre(h)
فِکر می کُنَم این صورَتحِساب
اِشتِباه داره
I’ll double check it now alân dobâre(h) barâtun ček
اَلآن دُوباره بَراتون چِک می کُنَم
How would you like to pay? četor pardâxt mikonin? چِطور پَرداخت می کُنین؟
I pay by card bâ kârt pardâxt mikonam با کارت پَرداخت می کُنَم
Can I pay Euro/ Dollar? mitunam yoro/dolâr
pardâxt konam?
می تونَم یورو/دُلار پَرداخت کُنَم؟
Do you accept master card? materkârd qabul mikonin? مَستِرکارد قَبول می کُنین؟
Could I have help for bringing
my luggage down?
miše(h) barâ-ye pâyin avordan-e
vasâyel komak begiram?
می شه بَرایِ پایین آوُردَنِ
وَسایِل کُمَک بِگیرَم؟
Can we leave our luggage in the
hotel for two days?
miše(h) vasâyelemun ro barâ-ye
do ruz tu hotel bezârim?
می شه وَسایِلِمون رو بَرایِ
دو روز تو هُتِل بِذاریم؟
Hope you had an enjoyable
omidvâram az eqâmat dar in hotel
râzi bude(h) bâšin
اُمیدوارَم اَز اِقامَت دَر این هُتِل
راضی بوده باشین
Thanks, everything was great. mersi, hame(h) čiz xeyli xob bud مِرسی، هَمه چیز خِیلی خوب بود

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