Hotel Complaints in Persian

hotel complaint - Hotel Complaints in Persian

Staying in any places other than your own cozy, sweet flat may bring you some problems that you cannot solve yourself and you have to discuss it with the owner or anyone who is responsible for that place. Staying in a hotel in a Persian Country is not an exception. During your stay, you may need to complain about things that are broken or do not work, or you may need to ask for something. In this part, you can learn everything you require to talk to receptionists, concierges or bell boys, but before going through the expressions, there are things you need to pay attention while you are booking a room.

A Few Tips

In Iran when you are booking a room, verify the facilities and equipment which are offered. Remember that you are travelling in countries which are warm during spring and summer and cold in winter. So, an air-conditioner is always a necessity. Make sure if the room you are booking has appropriate heating and cooling system.

You can always ask for extra blankets, pillows, bed linens and hangers even in hostels or eco-resorts. So, even if you cannot see any of them in the room on your arrival, do not worry, just ask for them.

Iranians are usually very helpful especially with their guests since there is this old belief that a guest is also a God’s friend. So, if you have any questions or request, do not hesitate asking for help, but make sure that you bring up complaints or demands according to Persian speakers’ politeness formula. We are here to teach you how to show your anger with the services or ask for help in a polite way.

Hotel Complaints Vocabulary in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi
request taqâzâ تَقاضا
complaint gele(h)/ šekâyat گِله/شِکایَت
problem moškel مُشکِل
reception pazireš پَذیرِش
concierge darbânn-e hotel دَربانِ هُتِل
lift/ elevator âsânsor آسانسور
room otâq اُتاق
key kelid کِلید
room key kelid-e otâq کِلیدِ اُتاق
room number šomâre(h)-ye otâq شُماره یِ اُتاق
shower duš دوش
toilet tovâlet توالِت
lights čerâq چِراغ
bed taxt تَخت
heating system system-e garmâyeši سیستِمِ گَرمایِشی
air conditioner tahviyye(h) تَهویه
hot garm گَرم
cold sard سَرد
noisy por sar-o sedâ پُر سَروصِدا
clean tamiz تَمیز
dirty kasif کَثیف
shampoo šâmpu شامپو
soap sâbun صابون
towel hole(h) حوله
toilet paper dastmâl-e tovâlet دَستمالِ تُوالِت
bed taxt تَخت
pillow bâleš بالِش
blanket patu/lahâf پَتو/لحاف
bed sheets malhafe(h)/malâfe(h) مَلحَفه/مَلافه
iron utu اُتو
hanger raxt-âviz رَخت آویز
laundry xoškšuyi خُشکشویی
broken xarâb خَراب

Hotel Complaints Phrases in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
not working kâr nemikone(h) کار نِمی کُنه
the room is not clean otâq tamiz nist اُتاق تَمیز نیست
It’s too noisy xeyli por sar-o sedâst خِیلی پُر سَروصِداست
there is no toilet paper dastmâl-e tovâlet nadârim دَستمالِ تُوالِت نَداریم
heating system is not working system-e garmâyeši kâr nemikone(h) سیستِمِ گَزمایِشی کار نِمی کُنه
he room is too hot otâq xeyli garme(h) اُتاق خِیلی گَرمه
I want an extra towel man yek hole(h)-ye ezâfi mixâm مَن یِک حُوله یِ اِضافی می خوام
can you change the bed sheets? miše(h) malhafe(h)-hâ ro ‘avaz konin? می شه مَِلحَفه ها رو عَوَض کُنین؟
I lost my room key man kelid-e otâq rog om kardam مَن کِلیدِ اُتاق رو گُم کَردَم
I left the key inside man kelid ro tu otâq jâ gozâštam مَن کِلید رو تو اُتاق جا گُذاشتَم
I hadn’t order this man ino sefâreš nadâdam مَن اینُو سِفارِش نَدادَم
my room isn’t made up otâq-e man moratab našode(h) اُتاقِ مَن مُرَتَّب نَشُده
are there any laundry facilities? emkânât-e xoškšuyi dârin? اِمکاناتِ خُشکشویی دارین؟
can I check out later mitunam otâq ro dirtar tahvil bedam? می تونَم اُتاق رو دیرتَر تَحویل بِدَم؟
could you call me a taxi miše(h) barâm ye(h) tâksi begirin? می شه بَرام یه تاکسی بِگیرین؟
could I have a wakeup call at 7? miše(h) man ro sâ’at-e haft bidâr konid؟ می شه مَن رو ساعَتِ هَفت بیدار کُنید؟