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workplace talk - Workplace Talk in Persian

Having a Job in Persian Speaking Countries

People learn languages for different reasons but one of the most important one is to find better job opportunities and have their workplace talks in that language like Farsi language in Persian countries. Iran is a rich country which its population is over 80 million; therefore, it is considered as an excellent investment target. Moreover, many expatriates are working for international NGO’s in Afghanistan or Tajikistan. In these countries, where speaking English is not widespread, learning Persian is a necessity. In case you decide to work in these countries, you can seek help here to learn some workplace vocabularies and basic structures, which can be useful for talking to your colleagues.

Workplace Atmosphere Countries where people speak Farsi

It is important to learn some cultural facts about working and workplaces in these Farsi countries. In Iran, hierarchy and respecting employees in higher ranks is usually important. If you are supposed to give your opinions or request something, you’d better say it in an indirect way. Moreover, Iranians usually work individually very well but they may not act well in a team. If you are working in Iran as a manager, you need to make sure that your team members can trust each other and are trained to be able to work in a group.

How do not get tired!

In Farsi, same as other languages, there are expressions which are mostly used in workplace in Farsi. One of the most frequent ones in Iran is “xaste(h) nabâši”. “xaste(h)” means tired, so this phrase literally means “don’t be tired”. It doesn’t have an exact equivalent in English. We use this expression at the end of the day when we leave the office. This expression is the short form of “omidvâram xaste(h) nabâši”, which means I hope you are not tired of working. This can somehow demonstrate Iranian’s perspective of working, apparently working is something that makes you tired. To answer this phrase you can say “šomâ ham hamintor” or “salâmat bâši”, which mean “you too” and “stay healthy”, respectively.

It should be noted that what you will learn here is the most formal Farsi while still spoken Persian not written. So, if you need to write formal job letters, you’d better contact Farsimonde group teachers for Farsi classes.

Workplace Vocabulary

English Pronunciation Farsi
occupation šoql شُغل
work kâr کار
full-time tamâm vaqt تَمام وَقت
part-time pâre(h) vaqt پاره وَقت
office daftar-e kâr دَفتَرِ کار
office edâre(h) اِداره
organization sâzmân سازمان
company šerkat شِرکَت
work place mahal-e kâr مَحَلِ کار
workshop kârgâh کارگاه
labor force niru-ye kâr نیرویِ کار
working hours sâ’at-e kâri ساعَتِ کاری
meeting jalase(h) جَلَسه
report gozâreš گُزارِش
documents madârek مَدارِک
contract qarârdâd قَرارداد
employee kârmand کارمَند
colleague hamkâr هَمکار
employer kârfarmâ کارفَرما
boss ra’is رَئیس
manager modir مُدیر
client moštari مُشتَری
leave moraxxasi مُرَخَصی
sick leave moraxxasi-ye este’lâji مُرَخَصیِ اِستِعلاجی
take leave moraxxasi gereftan مُرَخَصی گِرِفتَن
salary hoquq حُقوق
wage dastmozd دَستمُزد
income darâmad دَرآمَد
cost hazine(h) هَزینه
job experience sâbeqe(h)-ye kâri سابِقه یِ کاری
insurance bime(h) بیمه
tax mâliyât مالیات
early zud زود
late dir دیر
weekend âxar-e hafte(h) آخَرِ هَفته
bank holiday ta’til-e rasmi تَعطیلِ رَسمی
to go raftan رَفتَن
to come âmadan آمَدَن
to arrive residan رِسیدَن
to take St.
for some one
bordan بُردَن
to bring âvordan آوردَن
to send ferestâdan فِرِستادَن
to write neveštan نِوِشتَن
to finish tamâm kardan تَمام کَردَن
to hire estexdâm kardan اِستَخدام کَردَن
to fire exrâj kardan اِخراج کَردَن

Talking About Your Job in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
Where do you work? kojâ kâr mikoni کُجا کار می کُنی؟
I work for a company man dar yek šerkat kâr mikonam مَن دَر یِک شِرکَت کار می کُنَم
What is your occupation šoqlet či-ye(h)? شُغلِت چیه؟
I am an engineer mohandes hastam مُهَندِس هَستَم
How long have you worked here? čand sâl-e(h) injâ kâr mikoni? چَند ساله اینجا کار می کُنی؟
I was hired this year emsâl estexdâm šodam اِمسال اِستِخدام شُدَم
I have two-year
job experience
man do sâl
sâbeqe(h)-ye kâr dâram
مَن دو سال
سابِقه ی کار دارَم
Is your job good? kâret xube(h) کارِت خوبه؟
My working hours
are too much
sâ’at-e kârim ziyâde(h) ساعَتِ کاریم زیاده
My income is good darâmadam xube(h) دَرآمَدَم خوبه
I don’t like my boss ra’isam ro dust nadâram رئیسَم رو دوست نَدارَم
I don’t have insurance bime(h) nistam بیمه نیستَم
 I work part-time kâr-e pâre(h) vaqt dâram کارِ پاره وَقت دارَم
I am a freelance barâ-ye xodam
kâr mikonam
بَرایِ خودَم کار می کُنَم

Workplace Daily Conversations in Persian

English Pronunciation Farsi
Sorry, I may arrive
10 minutes late
bebaxšid man šâyad dah
daqiqe(h) dir beresam
بِبَخشید مَن شایَد دَه
دَقیقه دیر بِرِسَم
Can I leave an hour
mitunam yek sâ’at
zudtar beram?
می تونَم یِک ساعَت
زودتَر بِرَم؟
I need two days off do ruz moraxxasi
lâzem dâram
دو روز مُرَخَصی
لازِم دارَم
Can I work from
home tomorrow?
mitunam fardâ az
xune kâr konam?
می تونَم فَردا اَز
خونه کار کُنَم؟
Can you send me
that file?
miše(h) un fâyl-ro
barâm befresti?
می شه اون فایل
رو بَرام بِفرِستی؟
Can you bring me …..? mituni barâ-ye
man …. Biyâri?
می تونی بَرایِ مَن
بیاری؟ …
Can you take this
to Mr. ….
miše(h) inro bebbari
barâ-ye âqâ-ye …
می شه این رو بِبَری بَرای
…. آقایِ
You’re contract is
qarârdâd-e šomâ
âmâde(h) ast
قَردادِ شُما آماده ست
Please sign here lotfan injâ ro
emzâ konid
لُطفاً اینجا رو اِمضا
When the report
will be ready?
in gozâreš key
âmâde(h) miše(h)
این گُزارِش کِی
آماده می شه؟
Can you finish this
by tomorrow?
mituni in kâr ro tâ
fardâ tamum koni
می تونی این کار رو
تا فَردا تَموم کُنی؟
My computer
doesn’t work
kâmpiyuter-e man
kâr nemikone(h)
کامپیوتِرِ مَن کار نِمی کُنه
Can you repair this? miše(h) in ro ta’mir koni می شه این رو تَعمیر کُنی؟
My colleague is not
working this week
hamkâram in hafte(h)
nemiyâd sar-e kâr
هَمکارَم این هَفته نِمیاد
سَرِ کار
This project is very
in porože(h) xeyli
pičide(h) ast
این پُروژه خِیلی پیچیده ست
The team work is
not going well
kâr-e goruhi xub
piš nemire(h)
کارِ گُروهی خوب پیش
نِمی ره
What time is the
meeting today?
emruz jalase(h)
sâ’at-e čande(h)
اِمروز جَلَسه ساعَتِ چَنده؟
I’ll arrange for
tomorrow’s meeting
barâ-ye jalase(h)-ye
fradâ hamâhang
بَرایِ جَلَسه یِ فَردا
هَماهَنگ می کُنم
What is your opinion
about this project?
šomâ darbâre-ye in
porože(h) či fekr mikoni?
شُما دَرباره یِ این پُروژه
چی فِکر می کُنی؟
In my opinion …. be nazar-e man … …به نَظَرِ مَن
I think it’s better to … fekr mikonam
behtare(h) ke(h) …
 فِکر می کُنَم
…. بِهتَره که

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