Places in Farsi

In this part, you can learn the names of different places in Farsi. After learning these words, you can click on asking the way  to find useful phrases to ask addresses and directions.

In Farsi, some suffixes demonstrates that a word is a name of a place. So before going to learn places in Farsi, let’s take a look at some of these suffixes:

– One of the most frequent ones are “-gâh” as in “dânešgah”, a place for knowledge which is university, or “forudgâh”, a place for landing which is airport.

– Another suffix is “i” that changes the name of a job to the place which is allocated to that job, “nânvâ” is a baker and “nânvâyi” is a bakery.

– “-estân” is also a frequent suffix in Farsi. This suffix is mostly found in the name of countries like “Tâjikistân” or “Armanestân”, or some other places such as “bimârestân”, a place full of sick people which is hospital and “golestân”, a place full of flowers.

In addition to suffixes, two words are also used frequently to form names for places:

– “xâne(h)”, (“xune(h) in spoken Farsi), which means house by itself. So “dâruxâne(h)” is a house for “dâru”, medication, which means pharmacy and “ketâbxâne(h)” is a house for “ketâb”, book, which means library.

– “foruši” is the present root of “foruxtan”, to sell. So when this word is combined with a name of an item, it makes a place that we go to buy the item. For example, “golforuši” and “bastani foruši” mean flower shop and ice-cream shop, respectively.

The last important thing to keep in mind is that some places’ names are different in Iranian Farsi, Dari and Tajiki. In this part, the focus was on the Farsi (Persian Iranian) that is spoken in Iran. Therefore, if you are learning Farsi to work or travel in Afghanistan or Tajikistan, make sure to check the common names in those areas.

places - Places in Farsi

Places in Farsi

English Pronunciation Farsi
fruit and vegetables store mive(h)-foruši میوه فُروشی
butchery qassâbi قَصّابی
bakery nânvâyi نانوایی
convenience store baqqâli بَقّالی
pastry shop qannâdi قَنّادی
super market forušgâh فُروشگاه
shopping mall markaz-e xarid مَرکَزِ خَرید
house/home xâne(h) خانه
library ketâbxâne(h) کِتابخانه
book shop ketâbforuši کِتاب فُروشی
university dânešgâh دانِشگاه
school madrese(h) مَدرِسه
flower shop golforuši گُل فُروشی
restaurant resturân رِستوران
teahouse (traditional) qahve(h)xâne(h) قَهوه خانه
hotel hotel هُتِل
guest house mehmân-sarâ مِهمانسَرا
ecotourism resort eqâmatgâh (bumgardi) اقامَتگاه (بومگَردی)
hospital bimârestân بیمارِستان
clinic darmângâh دَرمانگاه
pharmacy dâruxâne(h) داروخانه
museum muze(h) موزه
cinema sinemâ سینِما
theater te’âtr تِئاتر
park pârk پارک
bazar bâzâr بازار
caravan-serai kârvânsârâ کاروانسَرا
mountains kuh کوه
woods jangal جَنگَل
sea daryâ دَریا
lake daryâče(h) دَریاچه
beach sâhel ساحِل
gym bâšgâh باشگاه
stadium varzešgâh وَرزِشگاه
swimming pool estaxr اِستَخر
airport forudgâh فُرودگاه
subway station istgâh-e metro ایستگاهِ مِترو
bus stop istgâh-e utubus ایستگاهِ اُتوبوس
alley kuče(h) کوچه
street xiyâbân خیابان
square meydân مِیدان

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