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Have you ever thought about what kind of services you may need when you visit a new country or live there for a while? We are sure if we count some of them, you will start practicing this part’s expressions more eagerly, even before traveling to Iran because you may need some parts of this section on your arrival. Let us explain why. Landing at one of Iran’s international airports, the first thing you need is to get your visa and enter the country. Welcome, but remember that if you are not from one of the neighboring countries, you may be disconnected from the outer world because your phone servers are not accessible in Iran. Here is where we enter to help you with our useful expressions to buy a new Iranian sim card. It is a very easy process and you can manage it at all international airports if you know how to explain it in Farsi. You just need money, your passport and a couple of Persian expressions. Moreover, we provided you with expressions to talk about technical problems, repairments, opening a bank account in Iran, etc., which you can use in case you face a problem.

Now that you are ready to go through this part, let’s start with an easy sentence:

My phone is not charging

gušim šârž nemiše(h)

گوشیم شارژ نمیشه

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